Ganymed SSH-2 for Java

Package ch.ethz.ssh2

Interface Summary
ChannelCondition Contains constants that can be used to specify what conditions to wait for on a SSH-2 channel (e.g., represented by a Session).
ConnectionMonitor A ConnectionMonitor is used to get notified when the underlying socket of a connection is closed.
InteractiveCallback An InteractiveCallback is used to respond to challenges sent by the server if authentication mode "keyboard-interactive" is selected.
ProxyData An abstract marker interface implemented by all proxy data implementations.
ServerHostKeyVerifier A callback interface used to implement a client specific method of checking server host keys.

Class Summary
Connection A Connection is used to establish an encrypted TCP/IP connection to a SSH-2 server.
ConnectionInfo In most cases you probably do not need the information contained in here.
DHGexParameters A DHGexParameters object can be used to specify parameters for the diffie-hellman group exchange.
HTTPProxyData A HTTPProxyData object is used to specify the needed connection data to connect through a HTTP proxy.
KnownHosts The KnownHosts class is a handy tool to verify received server hostkeys based on the information in known_hosts files (the ones used by OpenSSH).
LocalPortForwarder A LocalPortForwarder forwards TCP/IP connections to a local port via the secure tunnel to another host (which may or may not be identical to the remote SSH-2 server).
LocalStreamForwarder A LocalStreamForwarder forwards an Input- and Outputstream pair via the secure tunnel to another host (which may or may not be identical to the remote SSH-2 server).
SCPClient A very basic SCPClient that can be used to copy files from/to the SSH-2 server.
Session A Session is a remote execution of a program.
SFTPv3Client A SFTPv3Client represents a SFTP (protocol version 3) client connection tunnelled over a SSH-2 connection.
SFTPv3DirectoryEntry A SFTPv3DirectoryEntry as returned by
SFTPv3FileAttributes A SFTPv3FileAttributes object represents detail information about a file on the server.
SFTPv3FileHandle A SFTPv3FileHandle.
StreamGobbler A StreamGobbler is an InputStream that uses an internal worker thread to constantly consume input from another InputStream.

Exception Summary
HTTPProxyException May be thrown upon connect() if a HTTP proxy is being used.
SFTPException Used in combination with the SFTPv3Client.

Ganymed SSH-2 for Java

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